About Us

"Aama Odisha" e-Patrika (http://www.aamaodisha.org/DownLoad.aspx) is a literary e-Magazine which aims at encouraging budding writers to explore their creative flair and providing them with an outlet to showcase their writing talents. At the same time, we are dedicated towards emanating knowledge and creating an ambiance of positivism, spiritualism, love, peace, and harmony. It was started by a group of young people from different professions and interests who used to meet online and chit-chat with one another in a community named “Aama Odisha” in the social networking site Orkut on internet. Surprisingly, though none of those persons were associated with literature in any major way, their chit-chat ended up at a truly creative literary endeavour. This is how our bilingual, quarterly e-Magazine came into existence.

And since then, as we have continued to grow and transform as a group, through this magazine and its writings, we intend to not only provide an effective medium for expression of thoughts and ideas but also to enlighten our readers about Odia literature, our magnificent and unique Odishan culture, its history and heritage and passing their knowledge down to our future generations.

When we had started this noble work, we wondered if we would be able to achieve what we meant to. But today we feel more optimistic than ever that we are on the right path. Always a challenge, but we continue to stretch our limits and through this educational exchange of ideas, we have been striving to make a difference in our own way.

The magazine cherishes for its team, writers, poets and well-wishers to consider it as the vivid path of knowledge, love, peace and spiritualism. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to everyone who have shown their support over the past few years and we are looking forward to your continued support.