Artist "Padmaja Madhu"

Art by- Padmaja Madhu

Artist Padmaja Madhu is a Mumbai based self taught artist. She originally is from Bangalore. She has a brilliant feat at murals, miniatures and fine arts simultaneously. Since her very childhood she has been greatly influenced by the Tanjore style of mural paintings at temples of Bangalore. Her mural arts being mostly pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesess thus basically showcase her love for Tanjore art. The versatility of Padmaja's talent is apparent by the fact that apart from doing large wall paintings she also paints lovely miniatures with fine details. She has a great sense of choosing colours, medium and theme for her paintings. Her efforts in exploring various areas of art make her special. The paintings of Monet and Van Gogh are her prime inspiration while talking of fine arts. She expresses herself through impressionist, expressionist as well as abstract approach to painting. She holds that the road to artistic evolution lies in diversity in media, style and subject matter. About her special penchant for art she holds that, art has put her on the path of joy and self discovery.

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